Word of the Week (169): CYNANCHE (probability 37944), by David Sutton

CYNANCHE is an inflammatory disease of the throat, especially QUINSY. The name means 'dog throttler', from Greek kyon, dog plus anchein, to throttle.

This is one of the few terms for inflammations that does not end in -ITIS. Most of the -ITIS words are too long to be worth study from the Scrabble point of view, but a few shorter ones do come in useful:

AORTITISinflammation of the aorta
BURSITISinflammation of a bursa, one of the synovial sacs
CARDITISinflammation of the fleshy or muscular substance of the heart
CECITISinflammation of the cecum
COLITISinflammation of the colon
COLPITISinflammation of the vagina
COXITISinflammation of the hip
CYSTITISinflammation of the urinary tract
ILEITISinflammation of the ileum, the anterior or superior bone of the pelvis
IRITISinflammation of the iris
METRITISinflammation of the womb
OTITISinflammation of the ear
RHINITISinflammation of the nose
SINUITISinflammation a sinus (also SINUSITIS)
UVULITISinflammation of the uvula

Plurals of -ITIS words can be a little tricky: of the above, all take a plural in -ES except for COXITIS which has plural COXITIDES. ILEITIS can be either ILEITISES or ILEITIDES; OTITIS can be either OTITISES or OTITIDES.


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