Word of the Week (218): DRUMBLE (probability 21304), by David Sutton

To DRUMBLE is to dawdle or move sluggishly.

There are quite a few words for the leisurely motion implied by strolling, sauntering or dawdling. You can DACKER, DAIKER or DAKER; these are words of Scots origin. Dialect gives us DANDER, DAUNDER, DAUNER or DAWNER. You can JAUK, MOSEY, PODDLE, POOTER, PUTTER. You can SHOOL or SHULE. You can SLUMMOCK. You can STRAVAIG, STRAVAGE, STRAYVE or STROAM. You can TOIT. You can go on the BUMMEL.

And if you're not bothered about getting anywhere at all you can just hang about and LALLYGAG, LOLLYGAG, FUTZ, FARNARKEL or HAWM. And if even that is too energetic, you can just SOSS into a chair.


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