Word of the Week (124): GOHONZON (probability 39278), by David Sutton

Let's finish our coverage of Buddhism by looking at some artefacts, ceremonies and concepts of the Buddhist faith. A GOHONZON is a Buddhist paper scroll to which devotional chanting is directed. A DAIMOKU is a Nichiren Buddhist chant. A GONGYO is a Japanese Buddhist ceremony. MONDO is a rapid question and answer technique employed in Zen Buddhism.

As far as scripture goes, the whole body of northern Buddhist canonical writings is known as the TRIPITAKA. The birth-story of the Buddha is known as the JATAKA. A TANTRA is a Hindu or Buddhist religious writing concerned with mysticism and magic.

PRAJNA is wisdom or understanding considered as the goal of Buddhist contemplation. SATORI is a state of sudden enlightenment, sought in Zen Buddhism. SAMSARA is the Buddhist cycle of death and rebirth; this gives the adjective SAMSARIC. DUHKHA or DUKKHA, a key concept in Buddhist teaching, is suffering due to the desire for permanence. An example of DUHKHA might be the anguish at seeing one's WESPA Scrabble rating slip from, say, 2000 to 1900.

Finally, SIDDHI is a supernatural power that comes with Buddhist meditation. I wonder if this includes the ability to solve any anagram up to 15 letters in under one second. Could this be Nigel's secret?... might be worth a go.


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