Week sixty-three: HOGGEREL (probability 25333), by David Sutton

One of the minor triumphs of my life was getting a gold star at primary school for being the only one in the class who knew that a young hare was called a leveret. Since then Scrabble has added considerably to my stock of words for young animals, and among these is HOGGEREL, a name for a yearling sheep, not yet shorn; this is a variant of HOGG or HOGGET.

Other words for young creatures include:

BONHAMa piglet
EIRACKa young hen, from the Gaelic
EYAS, EYASS, NYASa young hawk taken from the nest for training.
GIMMERa young ewe; also a derogatory word for a woman
GOATLINGa goat in its second year
HIDDERa young male sheep
HOWLET, OWLETa young owl
KEETa young guinea-fowl
MATTIE, MAATJESa young herring with undeveloped roe
SHOAT, SHOTE, SHOTTEa young pig, especially one that has just been weaned
YELTa young sow


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