Week twenty-seven: LARCHEN (probability 9074), by David Sutton

LARCHEN, as one might expect, means made of larch wood, and it is one of a set of pleasant old-fashioned words relating to materials, which, with the exception of WOODEN and GOLDEN, have largely fallen into disuse, but which are well worth knowing, not least because some — ALDERN, CEDARN, BRONZEN, GLAZEN, LEATHERN, SILVERN, STONEN, TAPEN and TREEN — provide easily overlooked –N hooks.

Here is a list of such; I would be glad to know of any I have missed:

ALDERNMade of alder-wood.
BEECHENMade of beech.
BIRCHENMade of birch-wood.
BIRKENMade of birch-wood.
BOXENMade of boxwood.
BRAZENMade of brass; this is of course also a verb, as in 'to brazen out'.
BRICKENMade of brick.
BRONZENMade of bronze.
CEDARNMade of cedarwood.
EARTHENMade of earth.
ELMENMade of elmwood.
EUGHENMade of yew-wood.
EWGHENMade of yew-wood.
FLAXENMade of flax, like flax.
GILDENMade of gold, gilded.
GLASSENMade of glass.
GLAZENMade of glass; glazed.
GOLDENMade of gold; this is also a verb, to make golden.
GYLDENMade of gold, gilded.
HEMPENMade of hemp.
LARCHENMade of larch-wood.
LATHENMade of lath.
LEADENMade of lead; this is also a verb, to make leaden.
OAKENMade of oak.
OATENMade of an oat-stem.
REEDENMade of reed.
RUSHENMade of rush.
SILVERNMade of silver, silvery.
STONENMade of stone.
STONERNMade of stone.
STRAWENMade of straw.
TAPENMade of tape.
THREADENMade of thread.
TREENMade of wood; this is also a noun, small articles of wood, with plural TREENS.
TURFENMade of turf.
TWIGGENMade of twigs.
WAXENMade of wax.
WOODENMade of wood; this is also a verb, to fell a person or animal.
WOOLENMade of wool; this is also a noun.
WOOLLENMade of wool; this is also a noun.
YEWENMade of yew-wood.


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