Word of the Week

Word of the Week (253): MECHOUI (*new CSW15*) (probability 16868), by David Sutton

Vegetarians may wish to look away now but CSW15 brings us a raft of new meat dishes, among these being MECHOUI, a Canadian word for a meal of meat roasted on a spit.

Also new are DONAIR, sliced lamb rolled in pita bread, TASSO, spicy cured pork, TOUPIE. a round boneless smoked ham, FRICOT, an Acadian stew with potatoes and meat or fish, and MACHACA, a Mexican dish of shredded meat fried with vegetables.

And there are plenty of new variant spellings: the Indian dish DHANSAK gets a variant DANSAK; PILAF gets yet another variant PELAU, to add to PILAFF, PILAO, PILAU, PILAW, PILLAU, PILOW and PULAO; the Russian pie PIROG (or PIEROG) gets a variant PEROG.

And JALFREZI, PICCATA, BOEUF and FLANKEN now gain –S hooks.


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