Word of the Week (232): PISSHOLE (*new CSW15*) (probability 25152), by David Sutton

A PISSHOLE is a hole made in soluble matter, such as snow, by urinating.

The more artistically inclined among us will not, of course, be content with a simple hole but will go for a smiley face, or possibly even a set of initials. (I have no real data here, but I suspect that women must find this more difficult than men: if this is indeed the case it cruelly exemplifies the kind of cultural deprivation that the hazards of an iniquitous biology inflict upon the gentle sex).

But let's have a look at some other holes. CSW15 also brings us BOGHOLE, a natural hole in the ground with a swampy bottom, CAKEHOLE, slang for the mouth, and the surely long overdue EARHOLE.

Existing holes that it may be worth reminding you of include BOTHOLE, a hole in an animal's hide due to boring by a bot, DOGHOLE, a mean habitation fit only for dogs, FUNKHOLE, a place of retreat, KNOTHOLE, a hole in a plank, LAMPHOLE, a hole for a lamp, SHOTHOLE, a hole in a wall for shooting from, TAPHOLE, a hole in a blast furnace, WEEPHOLE, a hole in a wall to allow water to escape from behind, WELLHOLE, the open space in a floor to accommodate a staircase and WOODHOLE, a hole where wood is stored.

Finally a couple that can also be used as verbs: SUCKHOLE, a toady, and as a verb, to act sycophantically, and GUNKHOLE, a slimy bay or anchorage, and as a verb, to cruise around gunkholes. Sounds a yukky way to spend a holiday, but maybe I am missing something.


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