Word of the Week

Word of the Week (250): SHAWARMA (*new CSW15*) (probability 37652), by David Sutton

A SHAWARMA is a new addition to the already large variety of regional terms for a sandwich: specifically, it is a sandwich of lamb or chicken, vegetables, and often tahini wrapped in pita. The word comes from the Arabic.

So that's another to add to the American HOAGIE (or HOAGY), HERO (with plural HEROS), ZEP and POBOY, the last named being associated particularly with New Orleans.

Then there is the Italian PANINO with its plural PANINI that can also be used as a singular giving PANINIS, the colloquial Australian SANGER or SANGO, the South African SARMIE or TOEBIE, and our own colloquial SARNEY or SARNEY.

And let's not forget the TOASTIE (or TOASTY) and the CHEESESTEAK, a sandwich filled with grilled beef and cheese.


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