Word of the Week (219): SHOOGLE (probability 17260), by David Sutton

SHOOGLE is a Scots word meaning to swing, sway back and forth. It has variants SHOOGIE and SHOGGLE, and related adjectives are SHOOGLY and SHOGGLY; both compare.

Let's have a look at other words for a swaying, rocking or staggering motion. To COGGLE is to be unsteady, wobble, which gives an adjective COGGLY. To NODDLE is to nod slightly. A drunk Scotsman might STOIT, STOITER, STOTTER, STYTE or WINTLE, all of which mean to stagger. (Interesting that the Scots have so many words for an inebriated motion, though far be it from me to draw any conclusions from this).

To JOUNCE is to jolt or shake; this gives an adjective JOUNCY. To DIDDER is to shake; to DODDER is to walk unsteadily; hence DODDERY.

JIGGLE and JIGGER imply a jerking motion. To WAPPER is to shake or tremble. And WABBLE is an old spelling of WOBBLE.


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