The fortnightly test your anagram power #43, By David Sutton

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Here is a quiz comprising twenty single-solution alphagrams of seven or eight letters. The first ten are words which a reasonably well-read person has a fair chance of knowing. The second ten are words likely to be known only to specialists or, of course, to good Scrabble players! Most of the words fall in the mid-probability range.

Hover over the relevant black box to reveal the answer. Good luck!

AEOOPRRTOPERATOR A symbol that represents a mathematical function.
EEEGINNRENGINEER Someone who designs or makes, or puts to practical use, engines or machinery of any type; (verb) to carry through or manage by contrivance.
DELMNOSDOLMENS (Pl.) DOLMEN, a prehistoric structure or tomb of unhewn stones.
AEGNNTTTANGENT A line that touches a curve.
CDEELOSTCLOSETED (Pt.) CLOSET, to enclose in a closet.
AENNRTTYTENANTRY Tenants collectively.
ADMNOOSTMASTODON A large extinct mammal resembling the elephant.
BEGNOORUBOURGEON (Obs.) to sprout; to put forth bud.
EFNOOPRTPENTROOF A roof that slopes one way only.
EEENNTTENTENTE (Fr.) an understanding.
ACEEHMRMACHREE (Anglo-Irish) an affectionate form of address, my dear.
AAGLNNOOANALOGON (Greek) that which is analogous to, or corresponds with, some other thing.
AELNNOOXNALOXONE A potent drug used as an antidote for various narcotics.
EIIIRRTVTIRRIVIE (Scots) a tantrum, a commotion.
DEEGIMVDEMIVEG One who eats fish or poultry but not red meat.
EMMNORYMERONYM A word whose relation to another is that of a part to the whole, eg whisker to cat, sleeve to coat.
DIIMNNSUUNDINISM A psychological obsession with urine and urination.
EHMNNOTYETHNONYM The name of an ethnic group.
AAINPPRYPAPYRIAN Like papyrus, a parchment made from reeds.


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