Word of the Week (177): TOCKLEY (probability 24842), by David Sutton

Which part of the body do you think is most useful to the Scrabble player? It's a moot point, with stomach, head and backside having strong claims for the most colloquial appellations, but let's start by having a look at the penis, or, as Australians are apparently wont to call it, the TOCKLEY.

Other affectionate terms for what we literary coves may prefer to know as the PHALLUS (plural PHALLI or PHALLUSES) include JOHNSON, PECKER, TODGER, PILLICOCK, SCHLONG, DORK, WILLIE, PINTLE, TONK, CORY (or COREY), which comes from the Romany word for a thorn, kori, PIZZLE (strictly speaking a bull's penis, used as an instrument for flogging), and of course STIFFIE or STIFFY, though this last properly refers to the penis in a particular condition which human males, unlike other mammals, must achieve without the aid of a penis bone or BACULUM (plural BACULUMS or BACULA), a feat which I feel is insufficiently appreciated.

There is also a worrying number of things that can go wrong with this apparently simple bit of anatomical apparatus. It is painful to dwell on these, so without going into details let us just give a quick mention to CHORDEE, BALANITIS and PHIMOSIS, the latter yielding an adjective PHIMOTIC.


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