Word of the Week (239): ZAIDEH (*new CSW15*) (probability 11450), by David Sutton

There was already a surprising array of words for grandfather in the Scrabble lexicon, and now CSW15 has added another four from the Yiddish: ZAIDEH, ZAIDA, ZAIDY and ZEDA, as well as OPA from the German.

So these five now take their place alongside the conventional GRANDAD, GRANDDAD, GRANDADDY or GRANDDADDY, the more familiar GRAMP, GRAMPA or GRAMPY, the slightly posher GRANDPA or GRANDPAPA, the archaic GRANDSIR or GRANDSIRE, the dialect GRANFER, the Scottish GOODSIRE, GUDESIRE or GUTCHER and the Afrikaans OUPA.

And we might as well round the collection off with LONGCASE - a grandfather clock!


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