An Omnibus Edition of OnBoard

The Association of British Scrabble Players (ABSP) has recently issued an omnibus edition of its regular magazine, OnBoard.

This special edition is a collection of articles from recent editions and features extended player profiles, international features and a great compilation of articles on the game itself. Specials on advice and tips can also be found, authored by two players at the top of their game (and currently rank in the Top 10 in the World.)

The Foreword to this edition is written by Gyles Brandreth and is a thoroughly enjoyable look at the Scrabble scene in the UK.

The aim of this publication is twofold:

1) to give members a best-of edition in full glossy colour, and
2) to use it to attract more Scrabble enthusiasts into the ABSP.

You can check out this special edition of the magazine by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy reading.


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