Statement from WESPA Chairman Elie Dangoor

To all our members and players around the world,

2017 has been an exceptional year, having witnessed the first global English-Scrabble Championship ever to be held in the continent of Africa, and what a success it was! Our abundant thanks to all Team Kenya for their superb event. The first WESPAC was in Australia, the second one in Africa. Where will the third be? Any expressions of interest to bid for WESPAC 2019 need to be with us by 31st January 2018 please.

Soon after WESPAC was the first WESPA Youth Cup, formerly known as WYSC, in Malaysia, and this was the biggest such event to date, with 176 players. Many thanks to Karen Richards and her Youth Committee for continuing to sow the seeds for future world champions. It is worth noting that their first event in 2006 resulted in a final between David Eldar and Austin Shin, and 2017 has proved to be an incredible year for both of them, with David Eldar winning the World Scrabble Championship in Nottingham, and Austin reaching the semi-finals as well as winning numerous titles, including the US Nationals.

We have a vibrant community, joined by our love of the game, that transcends religion, politics and everything else. This was especially evident in Nairobi, and it is that great spirit that carries us forward into 2018.

We have so much to look forward to, with the much awaited return of a full-scale Causeway Challenge, now renamed The Alchemist Cup, in December, as well as a grand challenge between the World Numbers One and Two in the middle of the year.

More immediately, there is the Capgemini International Tournament in Bangalore, and the 2nd edition of the Cape Town International.

Please check our calendar for all the events, and let us know if you would like your major local events to be WESPA rated.

With best wishes for a great 2018,

Elie Dangoor
WESPA Chairman