What's New in 2018

Report from the Chair of Promotions

2017 featured many changes to the WESPA website, including a change in layout.

Next year will bring in more changes to how WESPA presents itself on both its website and social media platforms; changes, I feel will help communicate our passion for the game to many more people than we do currently.

Promotions separates the two under the umbrellas of WESPA Social and WESPA Web.


Late in 2017, WESPA added a third social media account by joining many Scrabble players and Associations on Instagram.

The response so far has been positive but is in its infancy.

Now being able to communicate via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we can now provide the Scrabble community with differentiated, but similar, content tailored to each platform’s big plus points.

You can now:

Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Follow us on Instagram

2018 will see us provide increased content on all platforms, so if you are keen to interact with us, you now have three ways to stay in touch.


The website layout change allows for better viewing on both mobile and desktop views. The content viewed on the website has also changed regularly throughout 2017. Over 40 new articles have appeared here this year alone, the most new content per year since 2011.

I hope that you have enjoyed the extra reading and have also found it informative. There are three initiatives planned for 2018 to be added to the current features and these are presented below.

Tournament Results

The first new feature to be aware of will be accessible from the Headlines section of our homepage: “Tournament Results” will allow you to see the winners from WESPA Rated tournaments as the results come in and before the Ratings are updated. It can provide the viewer with a snapshot as to who has been successful throughout the year.

The first tournament on the WESPA Calendar for 2018 is in the UK: you can view the current calendar here.

This new page will go live from January 1, 2018.

“Letters from…”

With the implementation of the Tournament Results page for 2018 and this year starting to see more reports and previews of tournaments on the calendar, the WESPA Monthly Report that featured since November 2015 will now be rested.

Whilst we continue with reports and previews, a new regular feature will replace the WESPA Monthly Report.

Entitled “Letters from…”, each article will be from a WESPA Association member and will feature a Scrabble news item from their country allowing the reader the chance to catch up on news across the globe via the WESPA website.

These articles will feature from early January 2018 and we look forward to Association nations sharing their news with the Scrabble community.

For any nations, wanting to know more, they can email me privately.


This has been a regular feature of our page for some time and features links to products across the globe that are of interest to the Community.

Keep an eye out for a relaunch of this page in early 2018.

For people who want to feature their products on our site, please email me privately.


There is plenty of new content planned for 2018 and for it to be successful, it would not be for the effort of our Association nations and players worldwide.

Whether it be sending photos, stories, videos, anything Scrabble related: I want to thank everyone who has helped me source the content that makes it to WESPA platforms.

Your support is, and will always be, hugely appreciated.

Here’s to an amazing 2018!

Nick Ivanovski
Chair of Promotions