Scrabble in Muscat

Letters from Oman

Sanath Hemachandra dominated the Muscat Monthly Scrabble competition held at the American British Academy in Al Khuwair on Friday, April 20, 2018. With only one loss to his name, Sanath managed to walk away with the top position after winning some close games against top opposition. In second place was Junaid Kardame followed by Megel Barker in third. Paul Richards, and Joel Coutinho rounded out the top 5.

In the youth division, Josh Joseph spelled his way to success by winning all his allotted games. In second place, was Nabeeha Kardame, followed by Abishek Lal in third. Morgan Barker and Sageerthan Sivakumar completed the top 5.

The Muscat Monthly is a regular opportunity for scrabble lovers to play competitively. The tournament is open to all ages and to all levels of players. Ranging from, professional players to novices, the event caters to and provide an amazing chance for players in Muscat to experience high level Scrabble. Every player who participates earns points that qualify them to be a part of the Oman Scrabble ratings system.

Sanath wins in April

Oman Player Group Photo

Scrabble has been classified as one of the mind sports that contributes positively to children’s mental development. Providing opportunities to improve their vocabulary, Scrabble also improves memory, strategy and persistence. There is nothing like over the board competition to inspire children to think deeply and develop determination. In a friendly but competitive atmosphere, your child can put the games away and relax on a family board game in a learning environment.

The next Muscat Monthly is set for Friday May 11, starting at 9 am. For anyone interested in keeping updated on events on our Scrabble calendar, please join our Facebook group, Scrabble Players of Oman. Or send an email to Megel Barker.

Article with thanks to Megel Barker