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The 2015 US National Champion recently took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. The questions and answers make for great reading.

Dec 2015   Reddit AMA with American Champion Matthew Tunnicliffe

WYSC and WESPAC provided comprehensive coverage across the world. Here are a few samples.

Nov 2015   Wellington Jighere wins WESPAC
Nov 2015   Singapore congratulates its new Youth Champion!
Nov 2015   Pakistan's Abdullah Abbasi in profiled for WESPAC
Nov 2015   UWA on YouTube profiling WYSC

Sept 2015   India wants to give the world a new champion
                 Indian Scrabble looks to success in other countries in their efforts to produce a world champion
Sept 2015   The Independent reports on the UK NSC
                 One of the pinnacle tournament in the UK is featured in a popular English media outlet.

2015's biggest story is, without doubt, Nigel Richards winning in French. These articles show how this news captivated the world.

July 2015   Huff Post looks at Nigel's victory in French Scrabble
July 2015   The Guardian
July 2015   The BBC
July 2015   The NZ Herald
July 2015   NPR in the US

The introduction of CSW15 was viewed in many different ways by world media

May 2015   The Guardian
May 2015   ABC Australia
May 2015   NPR US
May 2015   The Age (Australia)

Jackson students hone skills through Scrabble
January 2015

Youngsters Shining In Dubai
The National UAE - Aussie is winner of Dubai Scrabble contest
The National UAE - Scrabble buffs battle it out on the tiles
The National UAE - Workshop makes a word of difference
January 2015

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