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Welcome to the new look WESPA website. The new look is the culmination of three months of work dedicated to ensuring that all those who are interested in the global Scrabble scene can obtain their information in a more modern and mobile-friendly format.

Viewing patterns change with time: more people are now starting to use their phones to keep up to date and the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has led to a greater distribution of content.

It is against this backdrop that web pages need to adapt, and Scrabble pages are not immune to this. The WESPA website previously provided a lot of information but its viewing experience was best done on laptop/desktop. The mobile view appeared miniaturised, making viewing not as ideal as it could be.

Adaptation - and evolution - is necessary. To achieve this, we have used a programming language that can adapt to viewing on small, medium and larger screens.

If you are viewing on mobile (or smaller screens), the first thing you may notice are the lines on the top right, a very familiar sight to people who regularly use mobile sites. The menu can be found here.

For all others, the menu bar is now based entirely at the top, providing an ease to finding the information you want.

The Home page contains the same type of information as before but in a newer format. Current news, the Top Ten in the Ratings, upcoming Tournaments and, at the time of writing, information on the upcoming WESPA Championship to be held in Nairobi are all still available and now more prominent on whichever medium you choose.

About Us contains all the information about WESPA itself. Our Member Associations, the Committees that help to oversee the global Scrabble scene as well as information on how to join - all of it can be found here.

News is where you will find previous headlines that will eventually be archived to a separate page, thus making a handy resource to look at historical information. At the time of writing (July 2017), the Archive page will be under construction/compilation. This should be up in August 2017.

The Tournaments tab is where you will find our new look Tournament Calendar, as well as the link to the Ratings. The Calendar features an explanation of what would qualify an event for WESPA rating as well as a brief history of World Scrabble. The Ratings page now becomes a one stop shop for both Tournament Organizers and Players.

The newest category, introduced earlier in 2017, Resources is exactly that: an area for players and organizers alike to find information to help them achieve what they want.

Youth Scrabble looks at the work done for young players and the excellent work done by Karen Richards and her team.

Products is where interested parties can advertise what they offer for players and organizers alike.

The Envelope you see is an additional link to get in touch with us.

The final, notable change is that every page now has more prominent social media sharing links, making it easier to share on the two bigger platforms that Scrabble players use (Facebook and Twitter).

This work could not have been done without assistance and we would like to thank everyone who has provided input in this process since this was first attempted. Your contributions have brought together a site that can now be viewed and shared more easily than ever before.

We hope you like this updated version - as with everything feedback is appreciated and you can provide it by contacting us here.