WESPA Report


Scrabble Kenya and the World English Scrabble Players' Association is pleased to announce that WESPA Championship 2017 will be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 6th-12th November 2017. This is the 2nd edition of WESPAC after its hugely successful debut in Perth 2015. Scrabble Kenya is proud to offer a warm African welcome the global Scrabble community and we look forward to a spectacular event. The tournament venue is the Kenyatta International Convention Center, the premier meeting venue in East Africa and located within the Nairobi CBD.

November 2017: Player list for WESPAC as at 3rd November

There are over 100 players from 30+ countries taking part in the Main Event in Nairobi.

Here is the player list in alphabetical order:

    Abba Hydara
    Adam Kretschmer
    Adam Logan
    Akkarapol Kwhansak
    Akshay Bhandarkar
    Allan Oyende
    Anand Budhdev
    Anderina Mclean
    Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Goldberg
    Andrew Golding
    Andrew Goodwin
    Andy Kurnia
    Anlaug Frydenlund
    Ben Withers
    Bob Jackman
    Brent Weil
    Carmel Dodd
    Carol Johnsen
    Charles Tachie-Menson
    Cheah Siu Hean
    Cheryl Melvin
    Chris Vicary
    Christopher Thomas
    Daniel Milton
    Dave Koenig
    Dave Wiegand
    David Delicata
    David Webb
    Dennis Ikekeregor
    Edgar Odongkara
    Edie Mueller
    Edwin Boama
    Elie Dangoor
    Emmanuel King
    Eric Kinderman
    Esther Perrins
    Eta Karo
    Evans Clinchy
    Femi Awowade
    Fidelis Olotu
    Geria Richard
    Gitonga Nderitu
    Goutham Jayaraman
    Graeme Lock Lee
    Howard Warner
    Irfan Siddiqui
    Isaac Mwape
    Jakkrit Klaphajone
    Janul De Silva
    Jennifer Lee
    Jesse Day
    Joanne Craig
    John Ashmore
    John Holgate
    Junaid Kardame
    Karen Richards
    Kunihiko Kuroda
    Lakshan Wanniarachchi
    Lawson Sue
    Lee Guan Hui
    Leslie Charles
    Lester D. Morris
    Lukeman Owolabi
    Malek Sherif
    Manase Otieno
    Mark Nyman
    Max Panitch
    Michael Tang
    Mohamed Kamara
    Mohammad Sulaiman
    Mohammad Suma
    Moses Peter
    Murray Rogers
    Mushtak Esmail
    Nicholas Mbugua
    Nigel Richards
    Nsikak Etim
    Olaiya Kabir
    Olatunde Oduwole
    Patrick Litunya
    Patrick Mpundu
    Paula Catanese
    Pierre Calendini
    Priya Fernando
    Quickpen Ben
    Rafal Dominiczak
    Ranganathan Chakravarthy
    Rasheed Olajide Balogun
    Robbie Onate
    Russell Honeybun
    Sam Kantimathi
    Sanath Hemachandra
    Selwyn Lobo
    Shakir Reshamwala
    Shan Abbasi
    Sherwin Rodrigues
    Steve Ozorio
    Steve Polatnick
    Thacha Koowirat
    Tobey Roland
    Toh Weibin
    Tony Hunt
    Tony Leah
    Tony Sim
    Toyo Kitua
    Trevor Hovelmeier
    Val Mills
    Victor Tung
    Waseem Khatri
    Wellington Jighere
    Willy Mwangi
    Wone Mamadou
    Yeo Kian Hung
    Yvonne Lobo

October 2017: A message from Daniel Machanje, of Scrabble Kenya:

As we draw closer to the #WESPAC2017 (23 days left!), I would like to request for some information and also remind you about some other important things:

  • Flight itineraries: For the purposes of our logistics that will include picking up and dropping off of players from the Airport, I would like to request that you request your players to send me their flight itineraries. The information to send includes the player name, country, inbound flight number, arrival date, arrival time, outbound flight number, departure date, and departure time.
  • Rack labeling: Scrabble Kenya will be providing one free, labeled wooden rack. We would like to request that you send the writing you would like on the rack. This should be a maximum of 30 characters, including space. An extra rack can be bought at $5 per piece.
  • Payments: For those who have registered, please remember to pay early enough for you to get the $50 discount courtesy of a $5,000 donation by Elie Dangoor. Payment will be indicated by an asterisk against the player's name on the website.
  • Side Events (LCQ and KIO): Please remind your players who did not qualify for the main event that they can still qualify by registering for the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) where 20% of the best performers will play in the main event. Also, The Kenya International Open (KIO) will be a great opportunity to interact with other players and win top prizes.

Please do not hesitate to ask about any pressing issue as we draw closer to the tournament!


September 2017

Click to play this special invite from Scrabble Kenya

A premier international tournament like WESPAC, run in Africa for the first time, is deserved recognition for the quality and hospitality of African Scrabble and we are looking forward to a successful event in November 2017.

The WESPAC 17 website is now active and can be found here.

You can also follow updates via our special Facebook event page, which will include lists of people who are attending and your chance to discuss the upcoming event!

The player allocations as mentioned on the WESPAC website can be found here.

May 2017: Nation Qualifiers under way

There has been a flurry of announcements from Nation Associations in relation to WESPAC Qualification.

Thailand have nominated three players so far: Gerry Carter, Akkarapol Kwansak and Thacha Koowirat.
India will nominate their team in June with their last qualifier in May.
Malaysia will select their team in August.
The Philippines have a qualifier in May.
New Zealand will have formulated their team by June.

As the Team nominations come in, you can keep track of who to follow here.

March 2017: Country Allocations Now Open

March 1 2017 saw the declaration of country quota allocations for Nairobi in November. Places have also been allocated to the Champion and Runner Up of WESPAC 2015 (Wellington Jighere and )Lewis Mackay, the 2016 World Champion and Runner Up (Brett Smitheram and Mark Nyman ), the 2015 and 2016 WYSC Champions (Nic Hong and Sanchit Kapoor ) and to the Top 2 players on the WESPA rankings as at 1st March 2017 (Nigel Richards and David Eldar).

Australia 13
Austria 2
Bahrain 2
Barbados 3
Canada 9
Czech Republic 2
England 16
France 2
Gabon 2
Gambia 2
Germany 2
Ghana 2
Guyana 3
Hong Kong 2
India 3
Indonesia 2
Ireland 3
Israel 3
Japan 2
Kenya 4
Kuwait 2
Liberia 2
Malaysia 5
Malta 3
Mauritius 2
Netherlands 2
New Zealand 7
Nigeria 7
Northern Ireland 5
Norway 2
Oman 2
Pakistan 3
Philippines 2
Poland 2
Qatar 2
Romania 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Scotland 5
Sierra Leone 2
Singapore 8
Slovakia 2
South Africa 2
Sri Lanka 2
Sweden 2
Switzerland 2
Tanzania 2
Thailand 9
Trinidad and Tobago 3
Uganda 2
United Arab Emirates 2
USA 18
Wales 2
Zambia 2