Special Announcement

There is an exciting new award to be presented at 2017 WESPA Youth Cup. For the first time, WESPA Chair, Elie Dangoor, is offering a new award, for the player who has competed in the most WESPA-rated games in the lead-up to this event.

This time, it will be for the period of 1 April to 26 November inclusive (ie includes Princess Cup 2017).

Elie added that he was "happy to launch this award, which will be presented annually to the youth player who has played the most rated games in the year, in order to encourage youth players to play WESPA rated events, and also to hopefully encourage many more events to be held, both local and international, which are WESPA rated."

What is the 2017 WESPA Youth Cup (Click Video for Preview)

This is the twelfth event run by WESPA Youth Committee, and will be the largest yet. We retain the free-entry quota of ten players for each WESPA country, but encourage you all to send many more than this.

In order to attract more players, the entry fee for Non-Quota players has been reduced to US$80 for this year.

Date: 12:30pm Monday 27th November to 4pm Wednesday 29th November, 2017

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Venue: Summit USJ Mall, approximately 20 kms west of the centre of Kuala Lumpur

Accommodation:The adjacent hotel is called Summit Hotel Subang USJ

They offer rooms for up to 4 people, but are not the cheapest.

Meals: Meals/snacks are not provided, but are available from adjacent shops.


Dictionary: Collins Scrabble Words 2015 (CSW15)

Rules: WESPA v 3

Free Challenge (ie no penalty for challenging a correct word)

Modified Swiss Draw, with resets. Some games will be lagged, to allow for short wait times between games. Gibson Rule applies

24 games (Monday afternoon to Wednesday mid-afternoon)

Mon - 7 games, Tues - 11 games, Wed - 6 games

Quotas: Any country that is not a WESPA member may send 2 players, without paying an entry fee. Additional players pay an entry fee of US$80 or equivalent. The host country, Malaysia, may send 20 players, without paying an entry fee. All WESPA countries have 10 free entries. We welcome players in excess of quotas, who will pay US$80 entry fee National associations will advise the organisers which players gain free entry, and who will be required to pay the entry fee.

Cost of WESPA Youth Cup: All players and parents/ chaperons are responsible for booking and payment of their own transport and accommodation. There is no entry fee for players who have been entered by their national Scrabble association, as part of national quotas. However, they still need to pay for transport, accommodation, and meals.

Entry fee: For non-quota players (Cup) – US$80 (approximately MYR360)

If entry is submitted late, there is also a late fee of US$40 (approx. MYS180), making total fees of US$120/approx. MYR540 Entry fees are payable before play commences (i.e. at registration, or earlier). If payment is made in Ringgit, the conversion rate at the time of payment will apply.

Late fee: Players entered after 15th October pay a late fee (equivalent of US$40). This may be in addition to non-quota fees. Payment must be received before play commences.

Qualifying: National associations will establish local qualifying criteria (which vary between countries, but are often based on a rating system). Countries should set their own criteria and quotas for those receiving subsidies/ sponsorship, and advise organisers of any “non-qualifying” players, who have to pay an entry fee.

Non-qualifying (or non-quota) players: Anyone may enter, even if they do not enter through a National Association. However, an entry fee will be charged (US$80 or equivalent). They must also convince organisers that they have sufficient experience to compete.

Players who have not qualified in the free quota, according to their countries’ selection criteria, are designated with “NQ” next to their names in the souvenir booklet and website listings. However, they receive the same benefits, e.g. t-shirt, and play in the same event as everyone else. They are eligible for all prizes, including the team prize, if they finish in the top three for their country.

Beginners: Coaches/parents are asked to prepare players properly for high-level competition. One good way to do this is to compete in normal tournaments, against adults, before attempting this event. However, even competing in a school tournament prior to this will be useful. At past events, a few inexperienced players caused holdups and disruptions. They were slow, consistently scored inaccurately or could not agree on final scores, and were unfamiliar with basic rules. Some displayed bad sportsmanship, including a loud verbal argument during play (that sometimes happens with adults too!) An important Scrabble tournament is no place to “turn on the waterworks”. Other players should not be required to cope with the tears of an immature child - crying is considered manipulative, as is any other form of intimidation. For the sake of everyone else, please ensure your child can score accurately. They must understand basic rules (e.g. how to challenge) and display good sportsmanship. If they appear to be floundering, they may be asked to sit out some games to facilitate smooth running of this tournament.

Prize Structure:

· *Prize money for this event will be approximately double that of past WYSC events, due to the generosity of Elie Dangoor, Chair of WESPA, plus other benefactors – full details will be published once we have an idea of number of participants.) Trophies (plus in some cases, prize money) for:

Placing – top 10 finishers

Age Group Champions – best player born 1/1/2002 or later, 1/1/2004 or later. 1/1/2006 or later, 1/1/2008 or later, and 1/1/2010 or later (players may receive more than one award, e.g. an age award as well as an overall placing)

Encouragement Award – youngest player to finish in the top 25 (usually aged around 12)

High Word and High Game

# Most improved player over the past year: Results from WYSC 2016 will be compared with the results from this year, and the player who has jumped up the most number of places, will be awarded this new trophy. (# new award)
Best Novice - not competed in this event before.
Best Player from a New Country (i.e. from country which has not competed before)
Best National Team – results will be collated from the top three finishers from each country.
Those with fewer than three players will not be included

With thanks to Karen Richards, Chair of the WESPA Youth Committee


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