Zvi Grauer



Zvi Grauer

Rating: 325
Games Played: 13
Wins: 5 (38.46%)
Losses: 8 (61.54%)
Draws: 0 (0.00%)

Average Score: 318.85
Average Against: 337.46

300- Games: 4 (30.77%)
300 Games: 9 (69.23%)
400 Games: 0 (0.00%)
500 Games: 0 (0.00%)
600+ Games: 0 (0.00%)

High Game: 385 (vs Gila Shapiro)
Low Game: 267 (vs Gila Vogel)
Biggest Win: 152 (vs Gila Shapiro)
High Loss: 358 (vs Charlotte Perlin)
Low Win: 295 (vs Gila Shapiro)

Details#DateTournamentWinsLossesByesSpreadPlaceStart RatingEnd RatingRating Change
12018-04-20Qadima Tournament340114930032525
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Adina Kfir578W327289
2Kim Glassman554L306325
3Gail Morris424L321356
4Charlotte Perlin500L358393
5Tony Bongo344W373335
6Gila Shapiro300W385233
7Angela Levine414L294319
Average: 337.71 321.43
22017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament241-356153003000
RoundOpponentOpponent RatingResultScores
1Adriana Spira720L268492
3Gila Vogel482L267307
4Gila Shapiro300W295291
5Adina Kfir527L320378
6Natalie Elgrod459W308284
7Gila Vogel482L323385
Average: 296.83 356.17
DetailsOpponentRatingGamesWinsLossesDrawsPctAverage ForAverage Against
1Gila Vogel48220200.00295.00346.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament3L300482267307
2017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament7L300482323385
Average: 295.00 346.00
2Gila Shapiro30022001.00340.00262.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament4W300300295291
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament6W300300385233
Average: 340.00 262.00
3Adina Kfir38121100.50323.50333.50
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament5L300527320378
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament1W300578327289
Average: 323.50 333.50
4Gail Morris39010100.00321.00356.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament3L300424321356
Average: 321.00 356.00
5Charlotte Perlin53410100.00358.00393.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament4L300500358393
Average: 358.00 393.00
6Natalie Elgrod52011001.00308.00284.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament6W300459308284
Average: 308.00 284.00
7Tony Bongo33111001.00373.00335.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament5W300344373335
Average: 373.00 335.00
8Kim Glassman57510100.00306.00325.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament2L300554306325
Average: 306.00 325.00
9Adriana Spira74610100.00268.00492.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2017-07-29Summer Kadima Tournament1L300720268492
Average: 268.00 492.00
10Angela Levine51110100.00294.00319.00
DateTournamentRoundResultRatingOpponent RatingScore
2018-04-20Qadima Tournament7L300414294319
Average: 294.00 319.00


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