As my time as Chairman of WESPA draws to a close, I thought it would be useful to outline the state of play. I remain very committed to WESPA, and all it stands for.

Having served in this role for over ten years, from time to time I have put out some feelers as to possible successors. Normally this has drawn a blank, but this time I got a response !

Chris Lipe, our Chair of the Tournament and Ratings Committee has thrown his hat in the ring, and unless there are any other contenders, I am sure he will prove a worthy successor !

We have our Biennial General Meeting every two years, with the next one taking place in Goa in October, where many of us will be headed for the eagerly anticipated WESPA Championship. Will you be coming? This is where elections take place for the WESPA Executive Committee, so it is natural that most changes take place around this time. Please take a look at my Committee Report for changes and vacancies.


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