2013 World Youth Champion Moizullah Baig (left) of Pakistan faces off against Navya Zaveri (right) of the UAE at the 8th annual WYSC in Dubai.

The World English-language Scrabble Players' Association (WESPA), formed in 2003, represents the interests of international competitors and national Scrabble bodies worldwide.

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Top 10

1Nigel Richards 2336
2Conrad Bassett-Bouchard 2187
3Komol Panyasoponlert 2184
4Paul Gallen 2177
5Brett Smitheram 2170
6Wellington Jighere 2150
7David Wiegand 2147
8Sammy Okosagah 2147
9Adam Logan 2136
10Matthew Bernardina 2133


After a hectic 2013 we look forward to an even busier 2014, with many more international tournaments expected to be rated.

You can view WESPA-rated tournaments on our calendar here.

The complete international standings can be found here.


CSW2012 was adopted at the start of 2012, with 1532 additions and 145 deletions of words containing eight or fewer letters. David Sutton has compiled a number of useful documents to help players learn the new words, you can find these in the downloads section.

For details on how to purchase Collins' new books look at the where to buy document.


There's a pile of Anagrams, Puzzles and Words of the Weeks in the Features page. Check them out. Have fun while improving your word knowledge — ahead of the many international tournaments coming up this year.

Any suggestions or comments, email Craig Beevers at webmaster@wespa.org.

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