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Michael Tang wins in HK
Article with thanks to Chris Lau
Komol wins in Thailand
Report from the 32nd Brands International
Scrabble coaching in Vietnam
Toh Weibin reports from his time coaching in Vietnam.
WESPA Youth Cup - Announcement
All the details of WESPA's next big Youth Scrabble Tournament scheduled for November 2017.
On the eve of the Gail Tournament
Delhi hosts a Scrabble training session in mid July. This report posted, with thanks to Karen Richards.
WESPA Monthly Report for June
Catch up on what transpired in June 2017 by reading our monthly summary.
ABSP Masters Preview
The first ABSP Masters was held 25 years ago. In our preview of the event, we asked some of the competitors what it meant to play the tournament
Singapore Open
Nigel Richards' record at this event in Singapore is astounding. On the eve of the tournament, we checked in with players and got their thoughts on how it may end up
WESPA Seniors is launched
New Zealand will host the WESPA Seniors tournament in 2017. You can find out more about this event by clicking here
Vale Amnuay
We reproduce Gerry Carter's personal tribute to one of tournament Scrabble's most inspirational members
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