Committee Chair: Chris Lipe


You will find our calendar of upcoming tournaments below. All tournaments are highlighted in green, except for those considered to be World Tournaments (highlighted in orange) whilst those highlighted in blue indicate tournaments that have completed and are awaiting ratings confirmation.

Tournament organisers wanting to rate their tournament can click this link. For all general tournament rating enquiries, you can contact the tournament & ratings committee chair or webmaster

17-18 Mar East Asian Scrabble Championship 10 Awaiting Ratings
17 Mar Winter Park, Fl 8 Awaiting Ratings
18 Mar Orlando, Fl 8 Awaiting Ratings
29 Mar Australian Scrabble Championship Warm Up 8 John Hamilton
30-31 Mar Woburn Warm-Up 9 Wayne Kelly
31 Mar - 1 Apr ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International 17 Qin Lin Wong
30 Mar-01 Apr 14th ECASA Championship 27 Pat Mpundu
31 Mar - 02 Apr Easter Matchplay 23 Wayne Kelly
31 Mar - 02 Apr Australian Scrabble Championship 24 John Hamilton
06 Apr Princeton Early Bird 5 Lynda Woods Cleary
07-08 Apr Princeton Main Event 16 Lynda Woods Cleary
07-08 Apr German Open Championship 15 Peggy Fehily
07 Apr Hong Kong National Scrabble Championship Qualifying 9 Chris Lau
08 Apr Hong Kong National Scrabble Championship Finals 9 Chris Lau
14 Apr Scrabble For Literacy 7 Marty Gabriel
15 Apr Scrabble For Literacy 7 Marty Gabriel
20 Apr Qadima Open 7 Evan Cohen
20-22 Apr 15th Goa Open Scrabble Tournament 24 Rajiv Antao
28 Apr 11th Malta Open Early Bird 9 Nicky V Laurenti
29 Apr - 01 May 11th Malta Open Main Event 25 Nicky V Laurenti
03-04 May 11th Malta Open Late Bird 16 Nicky V Laurenti
25-27 May Bayer National Scrabble Championship 26 Mumbai Scrabble
26-28 May Arden Cup 20 Marty Gabriel
02-03 Jun ABSP Masters 16 By Invitation
03-04 Jun Western Australia Scrabble Championship Carol Hudson
09-10 Jun 2nd Annual St Louis Scrabble Soiree 14 Chris Lipe
09-10 Jun Victorian Scrabble Championship 18 Carol Johnsen
17 Jun 2018 Swiss Open Scrabble 6 Via SESA
22 Jun Manhattan Tournament 6 Cornelia Guest
26-28 Jun Seniors Championship 24 Karen Richards
26-28 Jun Seniors Championship Side Event 24 Karen Richards
29Jun-01Jul Malaysian Open 24 Mohammad Ali Ismail
05-08 Jul 33rd Brand’s Thailand International 29 Ravee Joradol
04-08 Aug North American Scrabble Championship 31 Art Moore
10-12 Aug Niagara Falls International Open 21 Jason Broersma
24-25 Aug British MatchPlay Scrabble Championship Warm Up 11 Wayne Kelly
25 Aug Manhattan Tournament 6 Cornelia Guest
25-27 Aug British MatchPlay Scrabble Championship Main Event 25 Wayne Kelly
08-09 Sep Australian Masters/State Team Challenge 19 By Selection
29 Sep-Oct 1 NSW Scrabble Championship Bob Jackman
06-07 Oct UK National Scrabble Championship (NSC) 16 Wayne Kelly
20-28 Oct Mattel World Scrabble Championship By Registration
03 Nov Caledon 7 Jason Broersma
03-04 Nov Tasmanian Scrabble Championship 14 Martin Rose
16-18 Nov Trans Tasman Challenge By Selection
17-18 Nov Winter Matchplay 17 Mike Willis
05-09 Dec The Alchemist Cup 45 Michael Tang
26 Jan 2019 Caledon 7 Jason Broersma

About WESPA Rated Tournaments


WESPA's Scrabble Calendar is a truly global one - the tournament schedule is co-ordinated by the Tournament & Rating Committee and sets the rating criteria for tournaments on the World circuit.

Tournaments meeting the following criteria will be eligible for WESPA rating as International Tournaments:
  1. The World Championships,
  2. (a) Any International tournaments awarding a top prize of U$2500 or more;
    (b) OR attracting significant level of international participation (no more than 60% of participants from any one country);
  3. Team tournaments between countries.
  4. Tournaments ancillary to, and organised in conjunction with, those eligible under points 1 to 3 above.
Tournaments are Open to all players without discrimination (Invitational events will be screened by the committee on a case-by-case basis, provided that qualification and/or selection method is conducted in a transparent manner and based either on WESPA or domestic ratings, i.e. Masters event, etc)

Tournaments are to be played to the current version of WESPA tournament rules (WESPA Rules V3), except where variations have been permitted by prior arrangement with WESPA. Organisers must pay the WESPA ratings levy (currently US$1 per player for members and $2 otherwise, subject to a minimum of U$20). Organisers must make available to WESPA all relevant documentation and publicity material including but not limited to: application form, tournament flyers, etc.

In addition, WESPA will offer to rate the following as Local tournaments a number of tournaments not meeting the criteria for International Tournaments subject to the following criteria:

  1. The member national association of WESPA in whose jurisdiction the tournament is played supports the application for rating;
  2. (a) Any number of NASPA CSW15 tournaments played in North America are eligible;
    (b) outside North America, not more than 8 such tournaments in a calendar year for a Class 1 member of WESPA,
    (c) and not more than 4 such tournaments in a calendar year for a Class 2 member of WESPA.
  3. Tournaments played to the current version of WESPA Rules (including the word source specified therein), or to national rules if this has been agreed in advance with WESPA;
  4. Payment of the applicable tournament levy (US$1 per participant, subject to a minimum of U$20);
  5. At least 30% of the players must already have an existing WESPA rating.
  6. Organisers must make available to WESPA all relevant documentation and publicity material as aforementioned under International Tournaments.