The WESPA Tournaments Committee co-ordinates the schedule of global tournaments, sets the rating criteria for selection of tournaments on the world circuit, and establishes requirements for organisers of tournaments to be internationallly rated. Tournament organisers wishing to submit their event for WESPA ratings can apply through here. For any further queries please contact the tournament & ratings committee chair or webmaster.

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Please note tournaments that are ratings approval pending or unrated but of particular interest are shown in italics with a grey background.

WESPA Schedule of Global Tournaments
Name of EventTop prizeDatesLocationContactOther
IGATE International (flyer) ~$4,500US 14–17 January Bangalore, India Radhika Mahalingaiah 35+ games
Crescent City Cup (website) 16–18 January New Orleans, USA Kate Fukawa-Connelly 20 games
Las Vegas, NV, USA. 29th January – 1st February 2016
Las Vegas Early Bird (flyer) 29 January Las Vegas, NV, USA Carol Tillson 5 games
Las Vegas Main(flyer) 29–31 January Las Vegas, NV, USA Carol Tillson 20 games
Las Vegas Late Bird (flyer) 1 February Las Vegas, NV, USA Carol Tillson 8 games
City of Sydney International Masters (website) $1,500AUS 30–31 January Sydney, Australia Bob Jackman 18 games
City of Cape Town International 3–7 February Cape Town, SA Duncan Keet 42 games
Eighth Israeli Open (website) €2,500 prize fund 19–21 February Tiberias, Israel Maureen Hoch 22 games
German English Scrabble Nationals 9–10 April Berlin, Germany Peggy Fehily 15 games
ASCI Open Division (website) ~$6,000US prize fund 16–17 April Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Martin Teo 15 games
9th MISO - Qawra, Malta. 29th April – 5th May 2016
MISO Early Bird (flyer) €500+ prize fund 29 April Qawra, Malta Scrabble Malta 9 games
MISO Main (flyer) €1,800+ prize fund 30 Apr–2 May Qawra, Malta Scrabble Malta 25 games
MISO Supplement (flyer) €900+ prize fund 4–5 May Qawra, Malta Scrabble Malta 16 games
The Niagara Falls Open (website) 30 April–1 May ON, Canada Jason Broersma 14 games
31st King's Cup 30 Jun–3 Jul Bangkok, Thailand Kent Purinth
North America Championship (website) 6–10 August IN, USA Dallas Johnson 31 games
BMSC Early Bird 25–26 August
BMSC Extra 26–27 August
BMSC Main 27–29 August
WYSC 27–29 August Lille, France Karen Richards 24 games
MSI WSC 31 Aug–4 Sep Lille, France
European Continental Championship 9 – 11 September Vienna, Austria Pam Morris
Norfork Island 19–22 September Norfork Island Wayne Willis 24 games
Princess' Cup 2016 25–27 November Bangkok, Thailand Kent Purinth
Causeway Open 30 Nov–4 Dec Johor Bahru, Malaysia Michael Tang 45 games

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