Committee Chair: Chris Lipe


You will find our calendar of upcoming tournaments below. All tournaments are highlighted in green, except for those considered to be World Tournaments (highlighted in orange) whilst those highlighted in blue indicate tournaments that have completed and are awaiting ratings confirmation.

All applications for rating a specific tournament are to be forwarded to the Tournament & Rating Committee using this form. For all general tournament rating enquiries, you can contact the tournament & ratings committee chair or webmaster

08-10 Sep Wellington Scrabble Classics 15 Awaiting Ratings
09-10 Sep Australian Masters/State Team Challenge 19 Awaiting Ratings
16 Sep RauHaus Main Event 8 Rich Baker
16 Sep Scrabble Chez Supriya IV 8 Ryan Fischer
17 Sep RauHaus Late Bird 4 Rich Baker
26-30 Sep 9th Godswill Akpabio International 28 Chief Toke Aka
30 Sept - 02 Oct NSW Scrabble Championship 24 Bob Jackman
06 Oct UK National Scrabble Championship Early Bird 7 Craig Beevers
07-08 Oct UK National Scrabble Championship Final 17 Craig Beevers
20 Oct Mike Wise Early Bird 7 John Chew
20 Oct Mike Wise Night Bird 4 John Chew
21-22 Oct Twin Cities Collins Open 14 Scott Jackson
21-22 Oct Mike Wise Main Event 14 John Chew
28-29 Oct Causeway Team Challenge 20 Michael Tang
02-05 Nov MGI Scrabble Tournament 22 Book via web
03-04 Nov WESPAC Warm Up - Dubai 18 Karen Richards
05 Nov Scrabble for Literacy 14 Marty Gabriel
07 Nov WESPA Championship LCQ 8 Book via web
08-12 Nov WESPA Championship 32 Book via web
08 Nov Kenya International Open Warm-Up 8 Book via web
09-11 Nov Kenya International Open 24 Book via web
09-11 Nov Nairobi International Youth Championship 21 Book via web
12 Nov Nairobi International Open 8 Book via web
18-19 Nov WESPA Seniors Early Bird 14 Paul Lister
21-23 Nov WESPA Seniors Side Tournament 21 Paul Lister
21-23 Nov WESPA Seniors Championship 24 Paul Lister
24-26 Nov 29th Thai International Youth Princess Cup Ravee Joradol
27-29 Nov 12th WESPA Youth Cup 24 Karen Richards
27-28 Nov WESPA Youth Cup Side Tournament A 16 Karen Richards
29 Nov WESPA Youth Cup Side Tournament B 7 Karen Richards
01-03 Dec Kuala Lumpur International Open 24 Mohammad Ali Ismail
01-03 Dec California Open 20 Edward de Guzman
03-04 Jan 18 UK Open Warm Up 18 Len Moir
05-07 Jan UK Open Main 30 Len Moir
11-14 Jan Capgemini International Scrabble Tournament 34 Radhika Mahalingaiah
13-15 Jan The 7th Annual Crescent City Cup 20 Kate Fukawa-Connelly
26 Jan The Australia Day Open 8 Bob Jackman
27-28 Jan The City of Sydney International Masters 18 Bob Jackman
16-18 Feb 10th Israeli Open 22 Maureen Hoch
17-19 Feb Dallas Open 22 Joey Krafchick
09 Mar Poughkeepsie Early Bird 5 Cornelia Guest
10-11 Mar Poughkeepsie Main Event 14 Cornelia Guest
31 Mar - 02 Apr Australian Scrabble Championship 24 John Hamilton
06 Apr Princeton Early Bird 5 Lynda Woods Cleary
07-08 Apr Princeton Main Event 16 Lynda Woods Cleary
07-08 Apr German Open Championship 15 Peggy Fehily
28 Apr 11th Malta Open Early Bird 9 Nicky V Laurenti
29 Apr - 01 May 11th Malta Open Main Event 25 Nicky V Laurenti
03-04 May 11th Malta Open Late Bird 16 Nicky V Laurenti
04-08 Aug North American Scrabble Championship 31 Art Moore
10-12 Aug Niagara Falls International Open 21 Jason Broersma


1991WSC - LondonPeter MorrisBrian Cappelletto
1993WSC - New YorkMark NymanJoel Wapnick
1995WSC - LondonDavid BoysJoel Sherman
1997WSC - Washington, DCJoel ShermanMatt Graham
1999WSC - MelbourneJoel WapnickMark Nyman
2001WSC - Las VegasBrian CappellettoJoel Wapnick
2003WSC - Kuala LumpurPanupol SujjayakornPakorn Nemitrmansuk
2005WSC - LondonAdam LoganPakorn Nemitrmansuk
2007WSC - MumbaiNigel RichardsGanesh Asirvatham
2009WSC - Johor BahruPakorn NemitrmansukNigel Richards
2011WSC - WarsawNigel RichardsAndrew Fisher
2013SCT - PragueNigel RichardsKomol Panyasophonlert
2014SCT - LondonCraig BeeversChris Lipe
2015WESPAC - PerthWellington JighereLewis Mackay
2016MSI WSC - LilleBrett SmitheramMark Nyman
2017MSI WSC - NottinghamDavid EldarHarshan Lamabadusuriya
2017WESPAC - NairobiTo Be ConfirmedTo Be Confirmed


WESPA's Scrabble Calendar is a truly global one - the tournament schedule is co-ordinated by the Tournament & Rating Committee and sets the rating criteria for tournaments on the World circuit.

Tournaments meeting the following criteria will be eligible for WESPA rating as International Tournaments:
  1. The World Championships,
  2. (a) Any International tournaments awarding a top prize of U$2500 or more;
    (b) OR attracting significant level of international participation (no more than 60% of participants from any one country);
  3. Team tournaments between countries.
  4. Tournaments ancillary to, and organised in conjunction with, those eligible under points 1 to 3 above.
Tournaments are Open to all players without discrimination (Invitational events will be screened by the committee on a case-by-case basis, provided that qualification and/or selection method is conducted in a transparent manner and based either on WESPA or domestic ratings, i.e. Masters event, etc)

Tournaments are to be played to the current version of WESPA tournament rules (WESPA Rules V3), except where variations have been permitted by prior arrangement with WESPA. Organisers must pay the WESPA ratings levy (currently US$1 per player for members and $2 otherwise, subject to a minimum of U$20). Organisers must make available to WESPA all relevant documentation and publicity material including but not limited to: application form, tournament flyers, etc.

In addition, WESPA will offer to rate the following as Local tournaments a number of tournaments not meeting the criteria for International Tournaments subject to the following criteria:

  1. The member national association of WESPA in whose jurisdiction the tournament is played supports the application for rating;
  2. (a) Any number of NASPA CSW15 tournaments played in North America are eligible;
    (b) outside North America, not more than 8 such tournaments in a calendar year for a Class 1 member of WESPA,
    (c) and not more than 4 such tournaments in a calendar year for a Class 2 member of WESPA.
  3. Tournaments played to the current version of WESPA Rules (including the word source specified therein), or to national rules if this has been agreed in advance with WESPA;
  4. Payment of the applicable tournament levy (US$1 per participant, subject to a minimum of U$20);
  5. At least 30% of the players must already have an existing WESPA rating.
  6. Organisers must make available to WESPA all relevant documentation and publicity material as aforementioned under International Tournaments.


Many tournaments around the world pride themselves on being able to attract competitors from other nations.

There are really only five tournament structures, however, that have been designed to be global in nature. These are the World Scrabble Championship, Scrabble Champions Tournament, the MSI World Championships, the World Youth Scrabble Championship (now WESPA Youth Cup) and the WESPA Championship.

Humble beginnings

The first Scrabble World Championship was held in London in 1991, hosted by Spears, who were taken over by Mattel in 1994. It featured 48 players from 19 countries. The total prize pool was $US19,000, with $10,000 of that going to the winner.

The tournament event was played to combined-dictionary rules (Chambers and OSPD), which may have proved problematical for the 'single-dictionary' countries. Or maybe not, given that two Americans contested the best-of-five final. The inaugural winner was Peter Morris, who hasn't returned to play in this tournament since 1993. His finals opponent, a young, fresh-faced Brian Cappelletto, came back to win the event exactly 10 years later.

Global reach

Since then the event has been held three more times in London, and once each in New York, Washington DC, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and Warsaw (Poland). For the first six events, Hasbro (the brand owner in North America) and Mattel (brand owner in the rest of the world) alternated sponsorship, before Hasbro withdrew to focus more on TWL-only events.

Warsaw, in 2011, had 106 players from 39 countries, including a great many for whom English is not a first language. The prize pool was up to with $50,000, $US20,000 for the winner.

On the podium
There have been plenty of repeat finalists, showing that the genuine superstars of Scrabble always rise to the challenge on the big stage. Nigel Richards has been in four finals, whilst Joel Wapnick (Can) and Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thai) have played in three finals each; Brian Cappelletto (US), Mark Nyman (UK) and Joel Sherman (US) have played in two; and Morris, David Boys (Can), Panupol Sujjayakorn (Thai), Adam Logan (Can) and Craig Beevers (Eng) have each nailed the title on their only finals appearance. Only Nigel Richards has won the title more than once.

2. After Warsaw

A. The Scrabble Champions Tournament (SCT) and the MSI World Championships

The final WSC was held in 2011; Mind Sports International (MSI) were then provided the opportunity to run a truly global Scrabble tournament and, in 2013, the first of two SCTs was held in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The event gave the world one of its first applications of a now famous RFID Scrabble board and, with ambassador Rachel Riley, and a streamed coverage gave the Scrabble community a global tournament in the digital age.

Nigel Richards took out the tournament that year.

The SCT was run the following year in London with a non-invitational format. Competitors did not have to go through a qualifying process as was the case with preceding global tournaments.

Craig Beevers took out the title that year, becoming the first Englishman to become World Champion since Mark Nyman in 1993.

This was the final SCT, with the advent of the MSI World Championships.

The 2016 Championships were held in Lille, France with Brett Smitheram victorious in the final over Mark Nyman.

The 2017 MSI World Scrabble Championships were held in Nottingham, UK, with Australia's David Eldar winning his first World title, defeating the UK's Harshan Lamabadusuriya in the final 3-0.

B. The WESPA Championship

In November 2015, the inaugural WESPA Championships was held in Perth, Western Australia.

The format resembled previous WSCs and qualification was set by member nations.

Over 30 nations were represented, with side events held to ensure a very strong attendance to follow the 2015 World Youth Scrabble Championship that was held in Perth shortly before.

Nigeria's Wellington Jighere brought Africa its first victory on the global stage, a result that has seen many accolades and recognition at the highest of levels in his home country and continent.

The next WESPA Championship in 2017 is being held in Nairobi, Kenya.

C. The WESPA Youth Cup

This tournament is open to anyone under the age of 18 on January 1 of the year of each tournament.

The tournament used to be held at the start of December, but was brought forward to August for 2014 and then October in 2015. The winners of these tournaments usually go on to play into adulthood and continue their strong play from the skills developed at a young age.

In 2017, after eleven years, there has been a rebranding and the WESPA Youth Cup will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The World Junior Scrabble Championship formed part of the MSI World Championships in Nottingham, UK, with the USA's Matthew O'Connor victorious.

More information is available at youthscrabble.org